Fusion5 Motorsports began as an automotive parts and accessories reseller. Fusion5 realized that our company was started with the dream of working with the automotive community to fuel the love for the culture. Fusion5 Motorsports noticed that the best way to accomplish this dream was not just through the accessories or the performance but through the Maintenance, detailing and interaction with fellow car enthusiast. Maintenance and detailing brings instant gratification to those who love their vehicle. Automotive enthusiast crave detail so they invest in their vehicle by making them fast and beautiful. Beauty requires work and the best way to achieve this is to clean, fix and maintain your your vehicle every chance you get. After traveling to multiple shows, I began to understand that there is different levels of enthusiast some well versed in the culture and some who want to know but don't. Some with great detailing skill and some that need to be directed. Time and time again I will catch people using the wrong products and find myself-teaching people the difference and how to deliver results. We found that by engaging customers and helping them this was our way to contribute to what was envisioned.
Fusion5 motorsports decided to go on their own and with all their adventures and feedbacks decided to start their own line of “happy products” called Fusion5 Premium Car Care. Fusion5 premium car care is put together on one principal called “MY RIDE” keeping the upkeep and maintenance easy and fun so anyone can do it. Products were carefully selected to make sure that everything was easy and could be applied by the nonprofessionals. Fusion5 Motorsports started by fusing detailing, suspension, engine, wheels and electronics and was done to bring together all the aspects we look for day to day together. Fusion5 premium car care is beyond the first 5 reasons for Fusion5, it’s based on Passion, Determination, Application, Delivery and Gratification

• "Passion" is what fuels us and in the auto culture without it, it’s just a car in a parking spot.
• “Determination” in the auto world everyone knows you need to be determined when it comes to your car cause even though they make hundreds “MY RIDE” is mine.
• “Application” no application is the same,some like shiny some like factory both have a technique and are both based on application.
• “Delivery” is our main objective it’s the master plan it’s what brings us to say that’s “MY RIDE”
• “Gratification” is the final piece to fusion5 premium car care its what we want you to feel after your done giving your vehicle some love it’s the step back you take to see and appreciate your work of art and say this is “MY RIDE”.
It is our thrive to deliver excellence so we will continue to look for new ways to bring satisfaction to those who trust us.

Thank you for your business 
Fusion5 Motorsports